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So, one expensive MRI later, and I know I do not have a bone fragment stuck in my knee, nor do I need surgery. Apparently, because of the aforementioned lack of the majority of my articular cartilage on the lateral interior of my right knee, the scar tissue from the damage done to my LCL at the same time I lost said cartelage is the root of my problem. According to my doc, the scar tissue has caused "minor to moderate shifting of the lateral meniscus causing mild inflammation, but no foreseeable lasting damage unless further trauma is induced to the area". What that means to you and I is that I am gonna be walking around like that fucking guy from Blazing Saddles for at least another week, by when, this should go away.

ah gabbe, we love ye so

If it doesn't then I may need work done to deal with the scar tissue, which hopefully, can be addressed through sports medicine.

Yup, I'm getting a referral for PT. I hate PT.

The good news is, I get to wait until the inflammation recedes before going. PT beats surgery I guess, but I'll be dammned if I am going to be happy about it.

The great knews is, the doctor reiterated the majority opinion given to me by every orthapedist I have seen that I should get double knee replacement. I swear taht I am not old enough to be having these conversations. Or maybe I am old enough, but just not on enough medication.

Fun fact of the day (aside from waht I hit you with in queezland): Richard Pryor had a writing credit in Blazing Saddles.

On the upside, I got my taxes done yestarday, so coupled with the MRI, i am pretty much broke until next week. Good thing the internets keep on providing that quality free entertainment.

If i had a sweatshop, I would pay the workers in love and vicious beatings. Yu work harder when you don't know what's coming. Snakes and vicious beatings? You always know that what you are getting is bad. Unless you really like snakes I guess, but I don't know anyone who likes snakes enough to work in a sweatshop for them, particularly if they run the risk of getting beaten in leiu of snakes...

frankandeddie is one year old tomorrow. that makes my insides feel funny.

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