The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

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i am in the wierdest headpsace right now

i had a very restless night. i am still in the fuzz zone. the only other time i ever had this happen was after i had a concussion at age 14, where it felt like i was on the verge of having a migraine for a week before it went away. as i recall then, i was less than pleased. lets hope that this either goes away, or ends up manifesting in time to get over with for the weekend.

i realized last night, talking to L., that while i may mention my migranes from time-to-time online, i usually only talk about the bad ones (which ocur every 3-4 months) as opposed to the mundane ones i have every 21-28 days. those usually only hang out for a day or two before they are gone, and, like my lj namesake, i guess i have just learned how to carry the pain as part and parcel of the day-to-day.

go fig. takes someone else pointing out how much i keep in to realize it.

i am also pulling a 12 hour day today. gotta love them.


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