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proto language and encapsulated memories

my quest for formulating a unified proof linking genetic and epigenetic inheritance through the artifice of the roots of culture and language has been going on for many years. it has crossed me with theologists, scientists, philosophers, doctors, professors, and self-styled or self-proclaimed types of all of the above. the superstructure of this desire has been evident to me for many years, but the flesh of it, the meat and sinews, shows itself to me seductively and in a rather slapdash manner. trying to figure out a way to coalesce everything i have found is like a silhouette painting of a nude woman, or a pair of almond eyes darting away from my direct eye contact, floating above a veil. even my descriptions of the process mislead. words are the most feeble atoms to build a universe from.

i truly and wholeheartedly believe there is a communal pool of memory that has its genesis in our biological predecessors, and the depths and width of that pool is what spawned many of our universal fears, myths, and deistic tendencies. i believe that pool has been passed on, and changed over time; through genetics, through selection, and, i believe, that environmental factors have led to a far deeper exchange of that genetic data than simple Lamarckian model.

i have just come to the conclusion that there is very little difference between my belief and quest, with all it’s scattered informational trappings, and testable proofs on a micro level (but not macro) and the zealous belief of a deist’s immovable faith. the differences that do exist are significant - a pillar in my belief system is something which i strive to prove through fact, not subscribe to faith. while there are some factually blended faiths out there, the majority of them are just faiths. the other major difference is causality. what i am looking for is not greater meaning as to why we are here, or why the universe exists - those are questions i have my own answers to which lie outside the thesis i seek. there is no intercession to the past to change the present, nor any higher order to bargain, plead to, or cajole into making things go your way.

i will have to be very wary of attempts to discredit what i am working on through ad hominem and straw man attacks.

anyone out there know what i am babbling about, or, if you do know, care?

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