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my mp3 player has a sense of humor

so, at a little after nine yesterday, i started getting really lethargic. i think it was secondhand exposure to extreme laziness of DMV workers. so i decide to lay down for an hour, wihout setting an alarm. i got my four hours of sleep for the night, but now i have a much longer than usual road to sunup.

there are some seriously loud crackheads in my neighborhood. if Dracula were alive undead today, the line would be "Ah, the hood rats of the night, what shitty pop music they make."

i have an amusing anecdote to relate, which will probably offend the more traditionally dead-jew observing religious types on my fl, and i don't mean muslims.

as you may or may not know, or, as it may or may not surprise you, i once, as tom waits put it "attended a major university". this institutuion was frighteningly caucasian, and even moreso catholic (we are talking 98%, 99% respectively). at that time, i was just as invested in religious research, etc, but was a lot more angry than i am today (if you can believe it). i liked being mean, as evidenced by this story.

at an institution with a background like the one i set up above, one can only imagine that everyone has off on easter weekend. break started good friday, and ran for a week after that.

my freshman year, i lived on the most insane party hall in the entire school. we had three expulsions within the first month, and our RA definitely got some grey hairs. these people were drunkards, stoners, and pill poppers. but they all went to mass every sunday, and had no problem giving me shit for it for not doing so.

well, at around 2am on good friday, i cooked up a little taste of revenge for the many moons of christ-loving discrimination i had dealt with. i ordered five large pizzas. when they got there (there was an excellent pizza place that delivered until 4am), i plopped the pies down and set to work.

after about 10 minutes, i was bellowing down the hall, letting everyone know that they had free pizza available to them. this fact, as it always is in a college environment, was transmitted borderline tellepathically amongst the party heads, and i had a good mosh pit outside my dormroom pretty quick, all grabbing at slices nicely arranged on paper plates. beneath every slice of sausage, pepperoni, bacon, hamburger, or hammy goodness was a nice little note scribbled in crayon (so as not to ruin the taste of the pizza).

"happy good friday"

seriosuly, there were two kids who went to the bathroom to make themselves puke to save their souls. it was one of the best fourty bucks i spent in college.

i think this only escalated the agression though. looking back, this may have been why someone started my bulletin board on fire a few weeks later.

thanks to fonem for reminding me of this story!

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