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Famous Joans

1. Actress, born 1933 in London, starred in the films "The Stud"
and "The Bitch" and on TV in "Dynasty".

2. Also known as the Maid of Orleans, this 15th-century heroine
led the French against the English at Orleans and was later
burned at the stake.

3. American film star, born Lucille LeSueur in San Antonio: her
films include "Mildred Pierce" and "Whatever Happened to
Baby Jane?"

4. American folk singer, born 1941, supported civil rights and
anti-Vietnam War rallies.

5. A legendary female pope, said to have been elected pope in
male disguise.

6. British actress, widow of Laurence Olivier, her films
include "The Entertainer" and "101 Dalmatians".

7. American comedienne, born 1933, real name Joan Alexandra
Molinsky, became famous on "The Tonight Show" and wrote
the book "Having a Baby Can Be a Scream".

8. American film star, born 1917, starred in Hitchcock's
"Rebecca" and "Suspicion".

9. Australian soprano, born 1926, noted for her commanding

10. Surrealist painter, born in Barcelona in 1893, painted
in a childlike style with amoebic shapes.

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