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typin like a crazy man

one of my favorite pieces by tom waits is "just another dime store novel". it is not really a song so much as a spoken word piece. he has one interlude within it where he describes himself, as a typing teacher, taking an old typewriter down to a bar featuring a jazz open mic night, and "typing like a crazy man" with the rest of the band.

in the past month, i've put about 20k words worth of weight into the world. unfortunately, no more than 5k have been on any singular project. overall, my work is still in the very low weight percentile for where i want it to be at this point in the year. i know it is only may and shit, but summer is upon us! with summer comes distractions. good distractions. hopefully, great distractions. but distractions nonetheless.

i have taken tomorrow off. my goal is to put in at least another 5k, maybe 7 if i am feeling edgy.

i wish they made weight gain 4000 for books.

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