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Poll #740645 quiz title

Which famous bridge connects the Australian city of Sydney with North Sydney?

In which city is the River Seine spanned by 32 bridges, the oldest of which is the Pont Neuf?

Which river is crossed by the Vauxhall, Lambeth and Westminster bridges?

What is the English name for the bridge in Venice called the Ponte dei Sospiri, which connects the Palace of the Doges and the prisons?

The Golden Gate Bridge connects which city to Marin County in West California?

What was London Bridge made of until 1209?

Name the famous aqueduct near Nîmes in southern France.

Which river in New York is crossed by the George Washington Bridge?

Name the footbridge built in London in 2000 between St Paul's Cathedral and Tate Modern.

What kind of bridge consists of two outer spans that project towards one another and support a suspended central span, like the Forth Bridge in Scotland?

Which US State is the only one that has two separate rivers with the same name, that both have a bridge crossing named after the river? Bonus points for the river's name.

Which card, in bridge, is known as "the beer card"? Bonus if you know why.

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