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Dragon Bones and Teeth

These were once considered to be the remains of dragons, and some maintain they are the bones of dinosaurs. Most agree, though, that dragon bones and dragon teeth are the fossilized remains of prehistoric animals, for instance, mastodons. Among them have been found the fossilized bones of the giant (10 feet!) ape, Giganthopithicus blacki, which lived alongside humans in various locations in China and Vietnam, and once in a while, the fossilized teeth of humans who lived in prehistoric times. Dragon bones and dragon teeth are found in caves by Chinese farmers and have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The bones look like small bone chunks, many showing the typical internal pores. Dragon bones and teeth have been a spiritual tool in the past; Daoists used this herb as an aid to calm the mind in order to learn meditation. Perfect for Saturn, these bones are also a great way to incorporate the aspect of death into a ritual without directly or indirectly causing the death of any animal. That they are fossilized bones greatly strengthens the Saturn aspect, since fossilization is a very slow (Saturnian) process, and since they are extremely dry. This herb is strongly calming of overactive yang. Dragon bones are very commonly used as a sedative and tranquilizer, to help people sleep, lower blood pressure, stop agitation and anxiety, soothe fears, and end inappropriate anger. They contain calcium and other minerals.

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  • man

    i fuckin hate bein a web designer sometimes

  • ugh x2

    dan gross on slate just referred to what happened in london as the 7/7 attacks. i hate mass media so so much, even the ones i read.

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