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hello foto

My pics from the Kara Suzanne and the Gojo Hearts show are up. Scope them, then go scope the website.

The band is truly great, in a heart and soul kinda way. Their lyrics and their sound are perfectly married, so that each tune leaves you with a pang or a smile, depending on what the song is supposed to be invoking in you. Putnam Murdock's suit and stage antics are offset by his powerful voice and mastery of the instrument he wields. J. Frederick matches the tempo beautifully with his drums, and Calvin Bennett adds the harmony of his voice offset against the jangle of his bass. Pianist Aya Kato can't help but draw you in, with her easygoing posture, warm smile, and dancin' piano hands! All of this is blended with Kara's voice, which pours the lyrics into you like molten steel filling a mold. I've shot a lot of shows over the years, of bands I know and love, and I've rarely had to pause my photography so as to enjoy the aesthetic of the show more. Last night was one of those nights. I can't recommended them more to anyone who is in to folksy/rocky/soulful ballads.


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