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B is for Botany Queez (mmmmm Trees...)

Poll #785571 quiz title

The fruits of which tree got Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden (allegedly)?

What kind of trees drop all their leaves in the fall and become dormant for the winter?

What band busted the charts in 1987 with their album “The Joshua Tree”? Bonus points if you can name the kind of moth that has a symbiotic relationship with the Joshua Tree.

The Lombardy poplar is named after a district of which country?

Who wrote the poem "The Village Blacksmith" which begins: "Under the spreading chestnut tree"?

In what kind of tree was King Charles II concealed after his defeat at Worcester in 1651?

Which tree appears in the Lebanese flag?

The poisonous milky juice of the upas tree is used for doing what?

What was the first line of the poem called "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer?

In Japan, mulberry trees are grown for the raising of which animals?

What kind of tree did the hunter of the Jabberwock rest by?

The Sri Maha Bodhi Sacred Fig (Ficus religiosa) at Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka is the oldest human-planted tree with a known planting date. When was it planted?

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