The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

twat? twat?! i cunt hear you.

i am deaf in my left ear, due to getting water pressurized in it yesterday lake swimming.
i had a blast camping in CT this weekend, but this ear thing is really pissing me off. i am, literally, half deaf at the moment, and it is really hard to function!

pictures on flickr soon, or tomorrow, who knows.

tonight, i am off to risky business at PPOW. if you are around 555 w. 25th street, and looking for something fun to do tonight, stop on by!

i spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about infinity. the bow on the infinite crisis was tied up in an anecdote told last night by L's dad, who mentioned that one of his family members used to go out to the ocean and cry. she said it would make her feel better, to feel so insignifigant in the face of the ocean, and offer her some perspective and release.

that is how i feel a lit. much of my day-to-day is spent busy, so that i don't focus on the signifigant insignifiganec of being. we all have red-hot egoes, and good freinds, lovers, loved ones, etc. when you hit that "zoom one layer out" button though, we are ants on a hill. hit that button again, and you can't tell the ants from the dirt.

there are about infinity minus one zoom levels from level three, where we cease to be recogniseable, much less meaningful.

we name things, we chart things, we study things. predictions and classifications give us a sense of control or understanding. ultimately though, we are no different than the bacteria on that grain of night-sleep sand you rub from your eyes in the morning, except for scope.

kinda mollifying, huh?

i think i am morbid because i killed a snake this weekend. i was collecting firewood, and there was a garter curled up in a rotting log, that broke in half when i picked it up. the snake was none too happy about this perdicament, and got a good snap in on my arm. i grabbed him and did the whip-cracky thing before i realized what i was doing. it made me sad. i buried the snake under a rock. survival of the fittest and all that, but shit, it tied in with this infinity trip i was on.

so what does everyone have goin on this week?


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