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disappointment tastes like paint thinner

so, like every year, this year, i got really psyched up for the New Yorker Festival. many of the best live gigs/interviews i have ever seen in nyc was through this venue, and i try to go to at least one thing every year.

unfortunately, this year, the two main items i wanted to go to were sold out two minutes after tickets went on sale. i did get my third pick, which will still be awesome, but i was really hoping to see the sneak preview of borat, and jon stewart interviewed live.

i've been thin on line lately. reading, but not posting. hell, most days i don't hardly have the time for the reading. on the starting gun of our busy season at work, i can't say i am thrilled about the prospect of things being uphill from here, but it is what it is.

lets see - what have i been up to? i helped wangch61 move, i lived through a migraine and new machine roll out at work, i went to ct. for a wedding, which is the first wedding i didn't drink at since i was 14, i still haven't posted my camping pictures, i have gotten involved in two web-based side projects that are going to be either the life or the death of me, i wrote a synopsis for a class that was essentially a survey of british literature in 30 days (not recommended for the meek of heart), i discovered, which is going to change my life, and, lastly, i have managed to both neglect and miss many of the people who i normally waste a lot of time with.

i need to lose some weight, get my ass in gear on some writing projects, do some cartography, get my pictures edited and posted, get my notes together for some collaborative work that has stalled out, and redesign both my personal website, as well as the site for this great idea i had recently.

i also need to read more about the recent discoveries in moche archeology, read more about telsa, read about pre-settlement native american myth, and work in the time to finish the 12 book backlog i have sitting in my bedroom from my last amazon glut.

somewhere in there, i need to get a passport, book a hotel and flight to mexico, figure out how to navigate the upcoming holidays, and keep my sanity (which is hanging by monofillament at times).

for the record, if one more fucking person tells me that i look like penn, i am going to go on a killing spree.


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