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Simpsons queez. 15 questions. as wolvie would say: "'nuff said"

Poll #833121 quiz title

What was the happiest day of Ralph's life?

What is the name of the car Homer designs for Powell Motors?

What is the name of the team that Homer's bowling team has to beat in the League Championship Game?

What does Apu love more than Homer loves a cold beer on a hot Christmas morning?

What celebrity took over the Kwik-E-Mart after Apu got fired?

When Mulder and Scully show up at Moe's, what does he tell the men in the back to get rid of?

When Homer explains women to Bart, which two things does he say women resemble?

Where does Dr. Hibbert's Long-Lost Brother Work?

What is the motto of adult education school that homer attends?

What was the name of the hand puppet that almost ruined Krusty's career?

Who's older Patty or Selma?

What extra month did Springfield Elementary accidentally print on its calendars?

What did Millhouse trade his Spinal Tap jacket for?

What vitamin is "Malk" rich in? Hint: it is the same vitamin it is fortified with.

What is Reverend Lovejoy's real first name?

no Flanders questions, cuz i hate him.

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