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In our backwards-toilet-flushing world, Friday the 13th is a bad-luck day. In the Spanish-speaking word below the equator, what day of the week is traditionally viewed as unlucky?

In Norse mythology, what god's antics holds the responsibility for 13 being unlucky in western culture?

In Christian mythology, what biblical individual followed suit in much the same way as the aforementioned Norse god, re-confirming the unlucky aspects of 13?

How many members to a coven?

What is the scientific name for the phobia of Friday the 13th?

Friday is actually named Friday a goddesses of Norse mythology. Who was she? Bonus if you know what she was the goddess of.

How many months to a lunar calendar?

Friday the 13th in 1306 was the first recorded use of the phrase "Black Friday" in the English language. What happened on this date?

What ominous structure usually has thirteen steps leading up to it's main platform? Bonus if you know the other 13 tied into the process this platform is used for.

When the Romans co-opted elements of the Norse calendar for their own, who did Friday become sacred to?

What is a quatorziens, and what do they do?

To date, how many movies starring Jason, the antagonist of the "Friday the 13th" have been made? Bonus if you know how many have the words "Friday the 13th" in the title.

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