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can't sleep, words will eat me

  • Saw The Departed last night, was blown away by the performance. I still think the Hong Kong version was way tighter, but I think Scorsese did an admirable job of translating a Hong Kong gangster flick to a very believable Boston setting.

  • Just under 5k on NaNo. My brain thinks this is 10%, but my story seems to agree with my initial estimates that 50k is not going to get the job done.

  • Got NWN2 installed and patched. I am impressed with it. I can't wait to play the game a little, and then dive into the toolset.

  • Been working too much, playing too little. not going upstate this weekend.

  • My goal is to be halfway or better by the end of the week next week. We'll see how that holds.

Since I've been content searching for, and the weather is finally turning Novemberish, so y'all are getting a cold queez today.

Poll #859548 quiz title

Is Antarctica bigger or smaller than the USA?

Does Santa live in the Arctic or the Antarctic?

In the Antarctic in 1912, what were the last words of Lawrence Oates before he vanished into a blizzard?

Which Norwegian explorer of the Arctic won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922 for his humanitarian work?

Who wrote the 1905 book The Voyage of the "Discovery" about his first expedition to Antarctica?

The Arctic gets its name from being below which stellar constellation?

In 1911, who was the first explorer to reach the South Pole?

Do polar bears live in the Arctic, the Antarctic, or both?

In 1928, the Australian Sir George Hubert Wilkins was the first to explore the Arctic in what form of transport?

Which Antarctic explorer had to abandon his ship, the Endurance, on his 1914-16 expedition, and died in 1922 on his fourth expedition to the Antarctic?

Do penguins live in the Arctic, the Antarctic, or both?

Is it in the Antarctic or the Arctic that the sun shines only from March to September?

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