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you asked for it (okay you didn't)

It is another one of them there name the place queezes.

Poll #869823 quiz title

Which American city in Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, who gave it a name which, in Greek, means "the city of brotherly love"?

Which part of the Mediterranean coastline of northeast Spain has a name which, in Spanish, means "wild coast"?

What is the name of the largest city in India, which was named after the village of Kalikata?

Which city in Brazil has a name which, in Portuguese, means "river of January"?

Which urban settlement in South Africa got its name from being a township southwest of Johannesburg?

What is the capital of New Zealand, which was named after a duke called Arthur Wellesley?

Which old quarter of Paris, on the right bank of the Seine, has a name which is French for "swamp"?

Which state in Mexico is named from the Spanish words for "true cross"?

What is the state capital of Hawaii, which gets its name from a Hawaiian word that means "sheltered bay"?

How did the Languedoc province of southern France get its name?

What was the name of the fictitious chunk of Outback that Crocodile Dundee hailed from?

Pop culture question: what is the capital of Kazakhstan? Bonus:What was the previous capital?

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