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spill in aisle 13

good thanksgiving, busy fun, exhausting weekend. good food, good drinks, some gastrointestinal adventure, some role-playing adventure, and a severe lack of sleep. the giants broke my heart.

i just broke 35k for NaNo. even if i miss the mark, i've done some really neat work, built a world, and i get to keep that, regardless if i break 50k or not.
the scary thing is that i was anticipating 60-75k for this story, and i don't see it working out that way. went to dig up the rock poking out of the front yard of my brain, and unearthed the tip of a boulder.

in other news, i am getting a new computer, and a screaming video card, as a result of a dell deals raffle thing that i won quite unexpectedly on friday. my new processor has more cache than the first pc i ever used had on its hard drive. the world is quite a tangle.

i am out of town thursday-sunday. i plan on polishing and outlining past the kernel of what was born via NaNo.

i have a lot to do. has a really funny series they started recently about the washed up gang from street fighter. highly recommend it if you haven't already seen it.


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