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this queez is all about the pussy

cats, that is.

Poll #889404 quiz title

What is the name for the breed of short-haired domestic cats associated with the Isle of Man, that have no tail, or a mere stump?

In Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", what kind of cat is it that grins a lot?

Who wrote the 1955 play "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"?

What color eyes do Siamese cats usually have?

By what name is the game Jack in the Pulpit better known by?

How many stripes are there in The Cat in the Hat's hat?

What is catgut made of?

Name the book by T. S. Eliot on which Andrew Lloyd Webber based his 1981 musical, "Cats".

Which rock star's most successful album, in 1977, was called "Cat Scratch Fever"?

In the business world, what is the "dead-cat bounce"?

The badge of King Henry VI of England, as well as members of the House of Lancaster have what legendary beast emblazoned upon it?

In Tom & Jerry Cartoons, the "Gene Deitch era" refers to a period when the series was outsourced to a Czech production team. What memorable event in The Simpsons reflects this move by MGM via the parody show-within-the-show "Itchy and Scratchy"?

Anyone who aces this queez 100% can buy me one of these.

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