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Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 708071
Date Created:9-16-2002
Number of Posts: 231

Caracarn lives in the snowy mountains of Greenland, and your diet consists mostly of grapes, grass and blood.
He is a horrible know-it-all when it comes to useless trivia, and most anything you want or need to know he can find on the web for you in minimal time.
Activation Cost: (BB5) Caracarn can make fun of any subject painfully and wholeheartedly until they ask him to stop; ignoring any or all social graces and lines in the process.
Strengths: -can resist ice bolts.
-can shoot broken glass.
-can drink poison.
-can throw acid.
Weaknesses: -Natural enemy is Shatpuff.
-hot science majors from Texas.
-Pizza, Ice Cream, and Jack Daniels
Special Skills: -can eat bricks.
-can breathe electricity.
-can breathe Dr. Pepper.
-has mallets for hands.
-has uncanny instinct.
Weapons: (see strenghts and special skills)
Secret Transformer Shape: VW Microbus armed with shovels and rakes and istruments of destruction (Deceptacon of course).

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