The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

friday queez meme

ok, so i am stealing a page from timaeusdaspirge for today's queez. this is way less straight-up trivia, and way more weirdness of the internet. imdb recently introduced a keywords system for movies. judging by the content i've seen, it is pretty broke at the moment. this makes for endless entertainment.

pick your top 10 favorite movies (i cheated and did 14), then select three keywords for each movie, as supplied by IMDB. based on the keywords, guess the title of the movie. obviously, you can cheat on this, but i found it much more fun to NOT cheat. the last two are totally bonus questions - you have to know me to know that these movies exist (probably) much less that i love them.

Poll #970299 quiz title

No Opening Credits, Thrown Through Window, Plantagenet

Black Cat ,Bathtub Scene, Corporeal Mortification

Cowboy, Cola Machine, Character Name In Title

Kukri Dagger, Funeral Pyre, Ancient Rome

Airplane Accident, Banana Skin, Stolen Money

Galactic War, Android, Snow

Cannibal, Adaptation Directed By Original Author, Number In Title

Extramarital Affair, Mind Game, Bear

Actress Playing Multiple Roles, Asylum, Absinthe

Irish American, Boxing, Based On Short Story

Thermonuclear War, Musical Duel, Boy

Poison Dart, Spaghetti, Golf Bag

Kiev, Plague, Christmas Carolling

Taxicab, Helsinki Finland, Blind Woman

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