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The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

swept under the rug

i'm tired.

i had a migraine most of last weekend into the beginning of this week. that left me sleepless. combine general run-down with getting soaked to the bone tuesday night, and i got sick. i've been snotty all week, drinking like a gallon of oj a day, emergen-c, and double-doses of nyquil to get thorough the night.

today is the first day in almost a week i feel human (albeit, still stuffy). i went from having a relaxed schedule this weekend to having not one but three saturday obligations, with possible spillover into sunday. i think it is crazy the number of people i know who were born on may 5th!

i finally broke down this week and got ffxii. it is the only one of the series i haven't beaten, and i felt i should do that before the next one comes out. while i can't say i am thrilled with it thus far in terms of game mechanics, i am impressed by the immersive nature of the narrative, and the transition between cinematic to gameplay. the ff tactics games made me want to spit blood, and it seems they borrowed heavily from the one i liked least.

tonight, i plan on lying low. everyone and their mother is off to see spiderman 3, which, honestly, (to steal a line from stephen king) i wouldn't take a flying fuck at a rolling donought for. i'm not so much a marvel fanboy so much as i am a story purist. the way hollywood script writers turn all these really good plots into fucking telemundo novellas in order to pump out sequels really irks me. remember the last sequel movie with three villians in it? remember uma and arnie and fucking bane thrown in for good measure? more badguys != better story.

sure, it is nice for geek movies to be getting some clout, but recent endeavors aside from sin city and the 300, i have been sorely disappointed. the first spiderman was good, i can honestly say i liked it, despite the fiddling. the first batman was good, the second batman was even better. i liked the first x-men. the second was a stretch. the third made me wish my mutant power was self-hypnosis or selective amnesia. the pop craze has all been total slip and slide bullshit across the board. hulk? anyone? fantastic 4? help! why not go back to the old captain america movie for fuck's sake?

thats my friday grumble. maybe if i can get enough of my shit together today, i'll throw up a queez later. if not, i hope everyone has a good weekend.


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