The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

mind on fast forward

so i've done more than a little reading on the nature and function of sleep. last night was a doozie in terms of a firsthand experience on one of those theories.

saturday was a load of fun. tons of drinks, good friends, antics, and pay-per-view boxing. if Mayweather actually does retire, and not offer a rematch, i will be shocked to all hell. i wish Chavez had put his face through the canvas. for the record, thekatzman is a real champ at showing up considerably more sober than the rest of a party, and managing to deal with the drunkenness with finesse. i didn't get home until a couple hours to sunrise, and didn't sleep much past sunrise. for the record, crif dogs are waaaay better in situ than delivered.

so remember how i mentioned ffxii? i finally got around the mechanics hitch i was having. i think i played like 12 hours yesterday. when i went to bed (at freakin quarter to three) i definitely knew that this game had grabbed me. however, as tired as i was, i could _not_ get to sleep. i kept thinking about all these things i had undone in life, and, gradually, came to realize the pattern they were coming at me from.

basically, i was weighing all the tangential thoughts i had over the course of the endless conversations between 1pm and 2am sat-sunday morning. this was mixed with some pretty heavy imagery, overlayered by final fantasy soundtracks. i was definitely not asleep - in fact, for one section of this, i actually lay awake watching my clock change from one minute to the next. this is the first time i have experienced lucid fragmentation. it is the act of knowing you are asleep, yet maintaining consciousness on some level _external_ to your dreams/sleep process.

it is something i have been trying to do, on and off, for almost six years. i have no idea why the video game combined with sleep dep kicked it off. it was an amazing feeling, being aware of inner space, as i had these flashes of color, smell, sound and image interlink and fade. i had almost total recall of where each series of images were originating in my conscious memory, and i could feel my head lightening the longer things went on.

tonight, i am joining el__guapo and online_stalker, as well as cercaria and maybe techtraum in what will likely be a networking extravaganza. that, or it will be an open bar evening. either way, i am a douche bag, because i left my business cards, my dry cleaning/laundry receipt, and a very important phone number all sitting next to my keyboard this morning as i scrambled out the door. go me.

hope y'all had a good weekend.

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