The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote,
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first thing i thoght?

after reading about this "foiled terror plot" i wonder if the tsa will make that highly flammable, dangerous liquid, airplane fuel, illegal to bring on to flights. the terrorists can't blow it up if its use is restricted.

last night was a pretty awesome party for prettykate. the evening was a barrel of laughs. well, more monkeys than laughs, and less of a barrel and more of a bucket. o.k. last night was a vaguely cyllindrical container containing mammals. drunk mammals.

at least the yankees won.

i met some super-cool people, and ate some super-crappy pizza. watched several almost fights, lost several party-goers, and overall had a great time. i finally got to talk to pita_rules for a bit, which is cool, since i always see her, and never get a chance to chit-chat.

the point is i volunteered for a bbq at tamisevens's place on monday, and i have no idea where it is.

i leave for maine on tuesday.

pictures soon!

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