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today has not been a good day. it is not yet noon. this bodes poorly for the rest of my week.

went to ikea this weekend and got some stuff for the apartment. getting a sofa delivered tonight.

just to re-iterate, there is 1 hour of free happy hour happening at off the wagon on WEDNESDAY BETWEEN 7-8. I have to get them a list tomorrow. anyone who replied a yea to my last post doesn't need to here, unless it is to clarify add-ons. sig others and friends are welcome! anyone who wants to come has to get on the list by around 3 tomorrow, or call/text me on wednesday so I can send them last-minute adds.

the yea's right now are:
dawestruck + thekatzman (platonic)
timaeusdaspirge +3
resident_raptor + quba
prettykate + obifu
invisiblyred + shabbyrosy
online_stalker + el__guapo
grimbil + twirlygurl
techtraum + cercaria (for safety's sake)
lengjade +1
Ross,Lisa,Jordan,Laura,Aaron,Rafe & Alison (maybe),
once again - this is an HOUR OF FREE WELL AND BEER. you can probably still make it in time to masturbate with the other nerds waiting for the last speech of the sorting hat AND drink if you wanna.

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