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friday queez is for science nerds

Poll #1025009 nerds i say!

Italian artist, inventor, and scientist (1452-1519) who designed the prototypes of a parachute and a flying machine. His inventions ranged from complex cranes to a paddle wheel boat, an underwater breathing apparatus, and a clock that registered minutes as well as hours.

German-born US physicist (1879-1955) who revolutionized our understanding of matter, space, and time with his two theories of relativity.

British mathematician and computer scientist (1912-1954) who worked on code-breaking during the Second World War. His concept of an automatic electronic digital computer with internal program storage could not be realized until after his death, when advances in electronics made it possible.

Scottish-born US scientist (1847-1922) who invented the telephone.

English physicist and chemist (1791-1867) who made pioneering contributions to electricity, inventing the electric motor, electric generator and the transformer.

Italian scientist who was one of the first persons to use a telescope to examine objects in the sky. Authorities of the Roman Catholic Church forced him to assert that the Earth stands still, and the sun revolves around it. After making this public declaration, he allegedly muttered"Nevertheless, it does move".

British zoologist who gained fame for her research on chimpanzees in the wild. She was the first scientist to report that chimpanzees were not entirely vegetarian.

English chemist (1778-1829) who is best known for his discovery of the elements sodium and potassium and for inventing a safety lamp for use in mines.

English scientist, inventor, and explorer who studied the inheritance of physical and mental attributes. He is considered the founder of"eugenics" (a term he coined).

Italian electrical engineer and pioneer in the invention and development of radio. In 1895 he achieved radio communication over more than a mile, and in 1901 he established communication with St John's,Newfoundland, from Poldhu in Cornwall.

Who was the first to use the word 'scientist', bonus points if you know when the term came into use, or/and what scientists were called before they were scientists?

Robert MacElroy coined what phrase in 1976 to circumvent having to use Carl Sagan's phrase "Planetary Engineering"?

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