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wanna know what kinda day i'm having?

Onay eepslay 'iltay - Ooklynbray

Ootfay onway ethay edalpay - evernay everway alsefay etalmay
Engineway unningray otterhay anthay away oilingbay ettlekay
Ymay ob'sjay ain'tway away objay - it'sway away amnday oodgay imetay
Itycay otay itycay - I'mway unningray ymay ymesrhay
Onway ocationlay - ouringtay aroundway ethay ationnay
Eastiebay Oysbay alwaysway onway acationvay
Itchyway iggertray ingerfay utbay away ablestay urntabletay
Iway oday atwhay Iway oday estbay ecausebay I'mway illingway andway ableway
Ain'tway onay akingfay - ouryay oneymay I'mway akingtay
Oinggay oastcay otay oastcay - atchingway allway ethay irliesgay akingshay
Ilewhay ou'reyay atway ethay objay orkingway inenay otay ivefay
Ethay Eastiebay Oysbay atway ethay Ardengay - oldcay ickin'kay itway ivelay

Onay eepslay 'iltay -

Anotherway aneplay, anotherway aintray
Anotherway ottlebay inway ethay ainbray
Anotherway irlgay - anotherway ightfay
Anotherway ivedray allway ightnay
Ourway anager'smay azycray - ehay alwaysway okessmay ustday
E'shay otgay ishay ownway oomray atway ethay ackbay ofway ethay usbay
Ourtay aroundway ethay orldway - ouyay ockray aroundway ethay ockclay
Aneplay otay otelhay - irlsgay onway ethay ockjay
E'reway ashingthray otelshay ikelay it'sway oinggay outway ofway ylestay
Ettinggay aidpay alongway ethay ayway ausecay it'sway orthway ouryay ilewhay
Ourfay onway ethay oorflay - Adrock'sway outway ethay oorday
MAY.CAY.Away.'say inway ethay ackbay ecausebay e'shay eezin'skay ithway away orewhay
Eway otgay away afesay inway ethay unktray ithway oneymay inway away ackstay
Ithway iceday inway ethay ontfray andway Ooklyn'sbray inway
ethay ackbay

Onay eepslay 'iltay -
Onay eepslay 'iltay - Ooklynbray

Ain'tway eensay ethay ightlay incesay eway artedstay isthay andbay
MAY.CAY.Away. - etgay onway ethay icmay ymay anmay
Ornbay andway edbray Ooklynbray - Uway.SAY.Away.
Eythay allcay emay Adamway Auchyay - utbay I'mway MAY.CAY.Away.
Ikelay away emonlay otay away imelay - away imelay otay away emonlay
Iway ipsay ethay efday aleway ithway allway ethay yflay omenway
Otgay imoslay, arenaway, TVAY owsshay
Autographway icturespay andway assyclay oshay
Epstay offway omeshay - etgay outway ofway ymay ayway
Axingtay ittlelay irliesgay omfray erehay otay LAY.Away.
Akingway upway eforebay Iway etgay otay eepslay
Ausecay I'llway ebay ockingray isthay artypay eightway aysday
away eekway

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