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I finally finished my review of A Delightful Compendium of Consolation: A Fabulous Tale of Romance, Adventure and Faith in the Medieval Mediterranean by Burton L Visotzky (2008), despite being done with the book for some time. When I broke my arm, I did my annual reread of IT, and also read Neverwhere, which was the only Gaiman to date I hadn't gotten around to. Last night I plowed through my third in a chain on evolutionary game theory (which I am trying to teach myself about, in the hopes of improving data search efficiency algorithms) , and this weekend I hope to get back into some fluff.

I am running out of room! I need to buy some gigantic hard drives, stat. I keep trying to wait until the price goes down, but I'm down to my last few dozen gig! Unfortunately, I am currently also without an MP3 player - deciding between the two of these things is making me want to set fire to my apartment so I can declare an insurance write off, and just get new stuff.

Big project kickoff Monday. Huge deadlines looming June 1 and July 1, for completely unrelated projects to the one that starts next week. Also looming: ulcers.

Finally trying to get out a little bit, though that still leaves me wiped the next day when I do. Saw hoolifan when he was in town, and used the opportunity to catch up with techtraum ,cercaria and soon-to-be cerctraum, and also hang out w/ next door neighbor wangch61 at the same time. We went to Molly's in Grammercy, which was good, but I remember being cheaper somehow the last time I was there. I imagine their rent has gone up too. Fucking Manhattan.

I am moving again in August. In addition to above listed deadlines, I have two weddings, a fishing trip, a family reunion, and lord knows how many other birthdays and other incidentals between now and then. I also have at _least_ 3 more months of P/T, and who knows what other funs medically. Asylums are expensive; donations are appreciated.

Most of the dry, hot places are running low on, if not out of food - in Hati, people are eating mud and butter. In the first world, Japan is out of butter.

This has be going seven ways on the global situation. Bad enough I probably added 10% worth of new content to read on US recession, now I'm trying to get some good resources on geopolitical commodity exchange disbursement, and cross-hatch that with GDP?Consumption analysis by region. I'm glad I don't sleep much, because if I did, this shit would be scaring me awake every night, even if I couldn't read it all.

peepeepoopoo (who really does never use this thing) posted the coolest video I've seen in a while on his Vimeo profile. He's offering prints of it, reasonably priced! Go, buy.

Science Machine from Chad Pugh on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I'm going to Video Games Live. I am hoping it is as good as it looks. Expect a review.


Apr. 25th, 2008 09:33 pm (UTC)
i think i prefer techaria to cerctraum


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