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y'know what floors me?

Some judge awarded a 110 million dollar verdict to the MPAA against Torrentspy.

Bypassing the legality issues of linking to content, as opposed to hosting it yourself, why does this drive me mad?

That number is based on a formula of 30k per "act of infringement".

The White House offered Burma a little over 3 million dollars in aid, after a Cyclone Nargis tore through , and killed north of 20k people. Estimates suggest that number may end up north of 100k.

Assuming the worst, 100k, that means the life of the average person killed in the cyclone is worth about 30$. By Condi Rice & co's estimation.

The total aid we gave pays for about 3 minutes of the Iraq war, calculated using total cumulative cost to date.

I'm not some fucking hemped out bleeding heart hippy. Those numbers are totally fucked - on a human level. Part of the motivating effort used to spin the mobilization of US military forces abroad was an incident that killed somewhere south of 3% of the people who died in Burma.

The best movie in the world is not worth 1000 times the life of the worst human on the planet.

Days like today make me want to burn it all down.

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