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moving...sooner than i thought

so, i have had it in my head for months that i need to make a decision about moving by the month of august.
last night, i discovered, my lease is up july 1. i signed for july, but didn't end up moving until august.
if month-to-month is not a possibility until end of summer, june is going to suck more than i thought it was possible for a month to suck.

i think i may just need to go homeless for a month or two. a lot of things in the air at the moment, which means that until a few of them settle, i don't even know _where_ to look for an apartment. at least it is a renter's market. my massage therapist was able to talk her new landlord down 800$ + a gym/pool membership in the building.


i had a fantabulistical dinner with mrshellion last night - who rocks my sox off. i was there for her pinkberry deflowering (which sounds a lot dirtier than it actually is). i also found out that there is not too much difference between sea snails and calamari.

i'm just trying to make it through the next 48 hours without killing anyone - that would be grand.

also, anyone have any insider dirt on when the goddamn Instinct is coming out? i am really trying to hold out for an android phone, but i am afraid my current model is gonna bitch out on me before they hit the market. After HTC went tits up on the Dream, I'm losing hope of seeing one before 2009.

i plan to be off radar this weekend, due to internet geekdom. if there is something goin on that i should know about, holla back - otherwise, i'll be in Hyboria.


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