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back from vacation

went to see the doc last week, and though he was not happy about me going, he couldn't say that my arm had gotten any worse. so i went to maine.

the first day i was gone, my systems blew up at work. i spent like 2 hours on the drive up troubleshooting over the phone, since the remote connectivity card i was supposed to get didn't make it in time.

i had a great trip. aside from one near-death experience, it was some of the best fishing i've ever done, even if the weather was kinda crappy. for the first time in my life, i not only caught a crapload of decent sized bass, i did so at a day where i caught more than my dad, which is kinda epic. the next day, i actually came out ahead at the poker table (nickel,dime) to the tune of 7ish dollars!

last night was lobsters at casa del shabbyrosy and invisiblyred, with citizensunshine, thekatzman, and ms. thekatzman, and A. all in attendance. good times. i found out that pickled whelk are kinda like calamari with vinegar.

all in all, a good time.

pics are here, i'm posting my favorite below, which is close to one of the coolest pics i've ever taken, definitely tops in the wildlife department.


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