The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

sweet mamma jamma

I ache all over.
Saturday I hung out with my brother and some friends, did a bunch of errands, and got stuck in traffic for in interminable amount of time. Bloomberg has this program now where he closes Broadway most of the day on a Saturday? Yeah. Leave a cross-street open somewhere between fucking 96th and canal asswipe. I actually would mind it less if the 4300 traffic cops they have running the scene actually let you make the left turns on a non-arbitrary basis. I almost ran one over out of road rage.

After traffic/visits, i went to the great white north to hang with rakshaka. good times, sushi, memory lane, new games. It was good to catch up in person.

I ended up crashing at his place, then driving back to the city ass crack Sunday morning for round 2 of IKEA (which Dante definitely missed in his great cosmological tour guide-of-hell-cum-play). Early start was great, as was the first three hours or so - then drama llama. A. and I have _very_ different tastes, so it has been a tango to find stuff we both like, which we actually did, only to discover in the vast belly of the "self service digester" that they were out of stock on.

All the other stores in driving radius were closed.

By the time we got everything loaded in, the cart was so overloaded, I could barely move it. I realized I was going to break my ass (or-re-break my arm) moving all this crap. Same-day delivery? 80$. Amazing. Best part was that the guy setting up delivery ffed up on the times. It was so late by the time we got done with the checkout lines and delivery lines that they said they wouldn't be able to deliver until 6-10pm, which was no good, since my building's service elevator closes at 8.

So, they were supposed to deliver today, between 2-6. However, the lady who put it into the system put it in w/ yesterday's date, so the shit got there almost as fast as we did, which was amazing.

I then worked until ~1 deboxing, assembling, moving furniture, negotiating layouts. Insanity. There is now a fairly operational living room, which doesn't actually require a new TV to function (which is great). Bedroom is next on the hit parade.

So yeah, it is Monday, and I am more tired than I was on Friday. Not the best way to start a week, but not the worst either.

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