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Idle thoughts

So it has been a while before I actually journalized.

I think I am going to try and make at least one real, meaningful entry a week; that way I can have some actuale spangle thrown in with all my dross. Keep the pyrite sensors from completely disavowing my existance.

However, I guess the idea that this stupid little blather database is part of the validation of my existance is somewhat telling to begin with. Perhaps I should just leave it at saying I will try to write more.

I always use 100 words when I should use 10, and am reduced to 10 words when I need 100.

So lets see, what's news; work has been hellish last 2 weeks, with a heavy shitty front moving in from the northwest over the next month or so. Rebecca has put in her notice, so we are going to be shorthanded, and without a content editor.

I can feel the rivets in my inbox straining already. Its a funny thing having rivets in your inbox; I redid the piece in steel and aluminum after Ben passed away. It helped prevent the enevitable buckling or cracking of plastic.

I think maybe I'm going to have to upgrade to adamantium and mithral.

Anyway, yeah, work = busy.

chellez is currently between jobs, which is stressing her out, despite my telling her not to stress about it. She gets stressed, then I get stressed... bad circle karma.

Other than that though, things are wonderful between us. The third roomate is in Florida this week visitng family. We just spent the weekend on a kickass ski trip. Well, perhaps I should revise ski trip. I believe it was an even break amongst those who went out on the mountains of Eastern PA, between snowboarding and skiing. I did not partake in the mountaineering. I did, however, partake in what Richelle referred to as "extreme barbecuing" (which i found amusing). I cooked burgers and dogs sat night, in really cold and dark conditions with a half-broken propane grill that kept getting blown out by the wind.

All and all though, it was much fun. I think Richelle really enjoyed getting back in the slopes; and my parents seemed to enjoy her dog enough that it was not a big deal. My mom turned 51. She seems to be taking it much better than she took 50.

She tells me my grandfather is not doing well. I do not know what to think about that. Where we were this weekend was not 10 minutes away from thier old manse, yet I could not bring myself to go. Perhaps it is a thing for the best overall.

I am going to find soemthing to eat I think.

Current preoccupations include:
Game Stuff
-Metroid Prime, the beating of
-Metroid Fusion, the potential purchase of
-Neverwinter Nights, the completeion of my launch module
-Xbox live, the figuring out how to connect it to my network/the internet

Research Stuff
January appears to be the month of witches, thanks to a nice tome I got for xmas...
-Covens, Witchcraft, and the Infernal elements infused into it through mainstream Christianity over the last thousand years, with careful attention paid to the founding of this coutnry.
-Correlations between many of the traditions predating European expansion, and the older European rites
-Influence of Aztec/Incan pantheon on development of tribal spirit tradtions; chicken/egg - who learned what from who, and what survived why?
-correlations between Proto-Uralic panthoens and traditions throughout Eurpoe and central/southamerican traditions - focus: what elements survive(d) from both, and are found in "modern" witchcraft.
-correlations between infernal imagery mishandled when dealing with witches from @ 1200's to present and Proto-Uralic figures/myths.
-Language focus: latin, hebrew; especailly in regards to older pagan traditions/leviticus.
-further investigation of Moldavites, re: cult signifigance, potential aetheric properties

Fun Link of the day:

So yeah, I did it again, started condesing myself back to lists and links.

Perhaps Orwell was right; newspeak will eventually eliminate the flowers and fruit of our language. I hope not.

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