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Queez me seymour!

1. Which island is controlled by the Manx government?

2. Which island was discovered by Eric the Red in about the year
982 and given a name to attract settlers?

3. Holy Island is an alternative name for which island off the
coast of northeast England?

4. On which island was Nelson Mandela imprisoned from 1964 to

5. Which island is separated from southeast Australia by the Bass

6. Which island in Pennsylvania was the scene of a major nuclear
accident on March 28, 1979?

7. The two main islands of New Zealand are North Island and South
Island. Which is the larger of the two?

8. On which island was Alfred Dreyfus imprisoned, on a false
charge of treason, from 1894 to 1899?

9. In which state of the USA is Long Island?

10. Gough, Inaccessible and Nightingale Islands are all part of
which island group?

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