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Ruled by the Bit

I've made the transition on all of my machines, including my work machine, to Windows 7. I've managed to get apps I couldn't get working in Vista to hash out in Windows 7. To date, the biggest issue i've tackled is my desktop's soundcard, which required special drivers, since MS has implimented an even more draconian safeguard to prevent people from re-duping media they already own via digitial line-in-line out. It bothers me, but doesn't affect me, so I'm not losing much sleep over it.

I have lost a fair amount of sleep recently. I have a personal checklist a mile long, and a professional one which appears to be written, sccroling, on a mobius strip. Work is my personal hydra, but I lack the proverbial assistant-with-the-burning brand. Additionally, it has been indirectly revealed to me that the super-huge gigantic project I worked months on, only for it to be shot down last minute, may be revived. This makes me sick to my stomach, honestly - especially since I've spent huge amounts of energy, since the demise of that project, making my own little bridge to solve the problems.

By the end of this month, I have three major milestones to cross - I'm either committing to lessons in an instrument, getting the tatoos I've put off (or getting them started) for the last 15 years, or getting a second part-time job. Maybe I'll do all three.

I just wish I didn't feel so goddmaned tired.

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