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Ok, well the little Dutch boy took that coffee break, and, it appears that during his absence, the thumbhole turned into a raging torrent.

I have been designated the peacemaker/organizer for the current plight my brother has landed himself in. After a clear understanding of the facts was garnered, the following prettty much frames the situation:

  • My brother has not gotten a college credit since before his leave of absence in early 2002.

  • He has, as far as my parents thought, been attending Northeastern University's Co-Op program since the end of summer, 2002.

  • The last time he spoke with his academic advisor was January 2002.

  • My father pays not only for his tuition, but his rent, and supplements his lifestyle to a certain extent. To that regard, he has probably spent close to 20k$ since the end of summer, 2002.

  • My brother has been going to school (leave of absence nonwithstanding) for over 3 years.

  • My brother currently has 81 of the required 176 credits needed for an undergraduate degree... the 5 year program he is supposed to be in would have him a masters in 5.

  • Due to an academic block placed on him, my brother could not have registered for classes since returning at the end of summer, 2002. He has said he was going to classes, etc. He has blown registration for the current semester. He will not be elligible for classes again until Spring, 2003.

  • Knowing what I know, I have to find a way, with minimal bloodshed, to introduce all these facts to my father, who...

    1. Has been working the last 40something hours straight due to errors in the budget caused by..

    2. Several people who he has had to fire from his accounting department. The errors are awful, in the midst of a horrible sseason, creating a possible backlash which could liquidate altogether the american branch of this company. At the very least he is looking at closing an office, and major layoffs (which he would hopefully survive).

All of this is to culminate on Sunday, when he and i drive north to Beantown, to confront Matthew with the facts, and the repercussions. Given my bumpy past with my father, as well as the contention he and I have had over college, degrees, and the meaning of life, I have the following analogy to describe my position in this situation:

A Klingon envoy to be the chief negotiatior at a wartime confrence between the Romulans and the Vulcans.

I just hope I can get some blue brandy out of the deal, before the blood starts to fly.

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