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time for that once a week

Quite possibly one of the best music videos I've ever sen. Johny Cash will never cease to amaze me.

It was an odd weekend. Plans were made, then cancelled, but good times were still had (I hope). I am becoming more of a guy's guy (from an external stereotypical sense) going out and watching football every weekend. The season is over soon though, so I imagine that will be that.

Still can't bring myself to drink beer regularly though.

Anyhow, I'm feeling all retrospective after that video. I mean, if someone who can "have it all" can stil be so sad about so many things, what chance to the rest of us schlums have of getting by with a balanced sense of nostalgia? Ultimately, is it not going to all end up as shit?

It seems tim is going to try to quit smoking... ah's worried about the side effets of his Wellbutrin. While I admire his desire to quit a habit he has held for a long time, I personally find no solace in turning to one chemical to solve a dependence on another. Not everyone has the same levels of mental rigidity, but in my experience, everyone who "wanted" to quit, or had to (for health reasos) did so cold turkey. Those who used patches, pills, tonics, lotions, sleeptherapy and anything else modern science will sell you, just ended up displacing one problem for another.

I truly hope Tim ends up being the exception to the rule of my experience.

I'm worried about Richelle's sleep patterns. She has an interview today. I think she's depressed about not working; or worried about something... I dunno. Maybe snapping into a 9-5 will change things. I hope so, anyway.

I think I am going to lounge in the tepid pool of nothingness, as I have the day off...

Ooh, there's a nice retrospective. How apt that around the anniversary of the birth of a great face in the american black civil rights movement, that our chimp in chief is qorking in concert with the far right of our gov't to overturn the measures taken to ensure that minorities can secure a place in higher education.

I am decided, the only thing that is going to keep me in this country if Bush gets re-elected is my girlfriend. Whenever she is free to cut her educational tethers, its to some frontier for me...

I'd rather suffer to scratch out an existance, then work my tail off and have most of it taken away for the intrests of a bunch of people who represent the broken system I was born into.

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