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NERD ALERT - skip this post if you don't give a crap about RPGs

A while back, mordicai and I had a back-and-forth about RPG PDF vs. hard copies. I complained that WOTC ripped people poff by overpricing their PDF's. Looks like they have now completely banned the sale of PDFs, citing piracy as their main reason for doing so.

I find this pretty hysterical.

I had the 4E books two weeks before you could buy a hard copy. The PDF's are why I canceled my pre-orders. They had printers marks on them - they were not post-sale copies, they were clearly leaked from the printer/publisher, or someone with access to pre-bound copy. They say they are going to sue file-sharers. I'm sure that will recover their lost sales dollars.

Digital assets for my RPG material is a must-have. Period. If you eliminate my legitimate distribution options, where am I going to turn?

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I wonder how much _more_ business WOTC will lose, as a result of this move, considering they had fairly appreciable sales of legitimate PDFs through several of their until-recently-partner distribution bushinesses.

I'm so glad I walked away from them after 3.5. I can only hope this boosts sales of Pathfinder.


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