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Insert foot in mouth, then shoot

NERD ALERT - skip this post if you don't give a crap about RPGs

A while back, mordicai and I had a back-and-forth about RPG PDF vs. hard copies. I complained that WOTC ripped people poff by overpricing their PDF's. Looks like they have now completely banned the sale of PDFs, citing piracy as their main reason for doing so.

I find this pretty hysterical.

I had the 4E books two weeks before you could buy a hard copy. The PDF's are why I canceled my pre-orders. They had printers marks on them - they were not post-sale copies, they were clearly leaked from the printer/publisher, or someone with access to pre-bound copy. They say they are going to sue file-sharers. I'm sure that will recover their lost sales dollars.

Digital assets for my RPG material is a must-have. Period. If you eliminate my legitimate distribution options, where am I going to turn?

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I wonder how much _more_ business WOTC will lose, as a result of this move, considering they had fairly appreciable sales of legitimate PDFs through several of their until-recently-partner distribution bushinesses.

I'm so glad I walked away from them after 3.5. I can only hope this boosts sales of Pathfinder.


Aug. 1st, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
different reasons, same end result
Wotc is making crap, which is why I canceled. I'm a Paizo subscriber, and buy pdfs and hard copies faithfully - if they moved to just pdfs, I'd get those. Paizo did a great job finishing/reworking 3.5, and the quality of their work is primo.

WOTC's stance is that if people get a pirated copy, they won't pay for the content, because they don't need to. I'm saying I wouldn't pay, because I didn't want it.

It is no different than me going to a game store, flipping through the book, saying "well, that is shit" and cancelling my preorder.

I think that any gaming house is going to have to go this way to make it work. The overhead on big hardbound colorbooks is way too much. They can make primary method pdf, and I'm sure someone will aftermarket hardbound copies, for the diehards who need to lug around 40lbs of books instead of a 4oz keydrive.

Not knocking you love of paper, as much as I am saying this is an inevitability of the evolution of how media is consumed. You can't ctl-f a 300+page book. When a rule ref comes up at the table, I have the answer in 10 secs flat, every time, instead of two minutes of index reference and page flipping before I can even start reading.
Aug. 1st, 2010 12:32 pm (UTC)
Re: different reasons, same end result
I definitely agree that Paizo's quality out output is excellent (see also: some reviews) but I don't agree about WotC's product either.

Anyhow, the overhead on pdfs isn't particularly different than that of hardcovers. I think there is a perception of that being the case, because there aren't physical books, but the mark-up for paper isn't as high as some readers & retailers (Amazon) would like to trick you into believing.

I want fully editable files, so I can pull off the spells/powers/feats/merits/whatever that apply to my character & make "Splatbooks" for each PC. That'll be nice.

You can't ctrl-f a 300 page book, but you can go to the index. A lot of times, that is faster than clicking "next" for every mention of the word "elf" when you are trying to find the main entry for elves. You can't stick your finger in a pdf & flip to another page. Oh & more to the point-- at least the way it is looking now-- you can't own a pdf, just "license" it.


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