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lead singas

Poll #1414813 lead singa queez

Who was lead singer with the Supremes until she began a solo career in early 1970?

Roger Daltrey is the lead singer of which group?

Michael Hutchence was the lead singer of which group until his death in 1997?

Which US hip-hop group has had vocalists named Kim Hill and Fergie?

Who was lead singer of Black Sabbath until leaving it in 1978 to pursue a solo career?

Who was the lead singer and principal songwriter of Roxy Music?

Chrissie Hynde is the lead singer of which group?

Which Northern Irish rock singer and songwriter first came to attention as the lead singer with the Irish band Them?

In 1972, which female singer formed a band called Rufus: "a white soul band with a black singer"?

What British singer-songwriter performed at Nelson Mandella's 90th birthday party concert in Hyde Park?

Gerard Way is the front man for what band, which got its initial push to stardom (early 2002) via PureVolume and MySpace, rather than a traditional record deal/promotion model?

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