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Cerebral Excavation

The wedding seems like light years ago, and the honeymoon a long-ago (but wonderful) dream.

I have been to beautiful, tropical places before. I've seen and been in the Pacific (which, generally speaking, I have not loved as much as the Atlantic). I've been on islands, and seen small communities, and diversity both urban and ecological.

I have never seen anything with such a blend as Hawaii.

The first week was great (despite hurricane), and while the travel is grueling, it was totally worth it. Didn't get to see everything, even after two weeks, which just means I want to go back. A. does too. I got her into snorkeling. She is not the strongest swimmer, so I was really proud of her for trying, and even more excited that she liked it!

Thanks to everyone who attended the wedding, and provided generously for the honeymoon. Two weeks of great living, dining, drinking, and sightseeing definitely wouldn't have been possible without the love and charity of our friends.

I have returned to a shit show.

Thursday I worked until 4am on a tech problem that came up in my absence. Yesterday was supposed to be a product launch (delayed until today or tomorrow), and this weekend I had a full system upgrade, which led me to work all weekend.

In the midst of last week's chaos, a friend of mine from high school died.

Dan was one of the funniest guys I ever met. He and I hit it off my sophomore year of High School. Shortly after we became friends, I introduced him to my brother, and the two became thick as thieves. They never lost touch - my brother actually lived with him for a few years in Boston. This was out of the blue - his facebook, and the attendance at his wake was a testament to the number of people affected by his departure. I'd like to think he died the way he lived, with a smile and an an innapropriate joke. I'll never know if that was true or not.

The downers of last week, the stress of work, and the lack of time off, the highlight of the weekend was defintiely wangch61's birthday. This year represents more than half our lives as friends - something I was contemplating tooling around back roads of Yonkers on the way back from Dan's wake. I have some great friends. I've had some great freinds, who have come and gone. I've lost some great friends, to happenstance or mortality.

G. is more like family than friend, and I'm not the only one in my family that thinks that. Such a funny world. I never plan much more than five years out (and have been doing so for only five and a half years now), and now I'm suddenly planning for a lifetime. It is an interesting gearshift - not unpleasant, but not light. The clutch isin't grinding, but it requires a lot of concentration to manouver correctly.

All this stress on the wake of two weeks of chillaxing has set off some heatlh issues - complicated by the fact that my doctors are still in Weschester. I don't much belive in doctors, and I know much of that is subjective perspective (when I had my arm surgery, I saw some great doctors, but they are a very small drop in a very big lake). The issues that have been flaring up will defintiely require some basic doctoring - getting an appointment for a physical, and getting in to see a specialist is pretty crazy! Not something I really have the time to be doing. I'll probably just end up going to the ER tomorrow, so I can get the ball rolling sometime before late September.

I got a cold call today from an ex-colleague who works at CU looking to headhunt me. She incorrectly read my Linkedin, and assumed I was out of work. From the looks of the job she was offering me (and her title) I'm better suited for her job than the one she wanted me for, but it kindled a spark in me that I thought was dead - a spark that was very interesting in the contrast of the stress of my life around here. I could go work for someone who would pay me to go to school.

Anyone reading this knows me as an avid lover of knoweldge and learning. It is academics I cannot stomach. The politics and petty plays of "Professional Academics" churns my stomach in ways no other contemplated pursuit ever has.

Despite that, I have always thought I'd make a good teacher, as I have been told by others along the way. It might be worth looking, even if only to have something to fistwave at the unreasonable folks here at work, who see 11pm calls/emails on a Sunday night, after working all weekend, as not going out of the way, but simnply "doing your job".

If I don't do that, maybe I'll just get an aswering service. I'm trying to stay focused ont he good stuff.


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