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Band Names, Track Names and Albulm Titles

[13:07] <@idboy> can anyone come up with a more ridiculos band name then Echo and the Bunnymen?
[13:07] <@shortah> thats awesome
[13:07] <@Balr0g> Bunny and the Echogals?
[13:07] <@shortah> but my jamband was called Worlds Largest Pelican
[13:07] <@shortah> i think thats kinda silly.
[13:07] <@Wangch61> spandex cadilac
[13:08] <@shortah> Elastic Bombshell, lol
[13:08] <@Balr0g> i'm tellin ya man...institutuional bleach
[13:08] <@SuGaR> heheheheh
[13:08] <@Wangch61> the pudding units
[13:08] <@idboy> Good one.
[13:08] <@SuGaR> huummm pudding
[13:08] <@Balr0g> sprokets cogsworth
[13:08] <@shortah> hummm potroast
[13:08] <@idboy> I prefer "mysoginistic dildo"
[13:08] <@Wangch61> Ring of Vo5
[13:09] <@SuGaR> ahahaha
[13:09] <@shortah> institutional bleach is clever, not silly
[13:09] <@SuGaR> lord of the pink elephants
[13:09] <@Wangch61> or for those S. cali punks Gateway bunghole
[13:10] <@idboy> what about "Ribbed for her pleasure"
[13:10] <@shortah> thats awesome, lol
[13:10] <@Wangch61> Daisy-chain for the soul
[13:10] <@shortah> "Chicks Dig Us"
[13:10] <@SuGaR> hehehe
[13:10] <@shortah> thats a punk band.
[13:10] <@idboy> "tell your girlfriend i said thanks"
[13:10] <@shortah> thats more like an album title, imo
[13:10] <@SuGaR> hahahaha
[13:11] <@shortah> the follow up could be, "your mom was great"
[13:11] <@idboy> YES!!!!
[13:11] <@Wangch61> a good album title "i don;t goto your job and slap the dick out of your mouth."
[13:11] <@idboy> Exactly. With the hit single,
[13:11] <@idboy> "damn your sister is loud"
[13:11] <@shortah> funny real album title: Cut Up Your Friends
[13:11] <@SuGaR> heheheh
[13:11] <@idboy> how about "midgets die young"
[13:11] <@Balr0g> i think "midgets have short lives" would be better
[13:12] <@Wangch61> the track after "damn your sister is loud" would be "how much blood"?
[13:12] <@SuGaR> blue blood of the hemophilics
[13:12] <@idboy> followed by "your dad runs slow"
[13:12] <@Wangch61> and "he has shit aim"
[13:13] <@SuGaR> hehe
[13:13] <@idboy> and "your mom like me more"
[13:13] <@shortah> LOL
[13:13] <@idboy> the final song is "call me dad"
[13:13] <@shortah> Dirty Dancing Coprophiliacs
[13:13] <@idboy> this has to be a ska/punk album
[13:13] <@SuGaR> eewww
[13:14] <@idboy> Ha!
[13:14] <@Wangch61> next album name "Yoga camp for toddlers"
[13:14] <@shortah> LOL
[13:14] <@idboy> yes!)
[13:17] <@SuGaR> viagra can be hazardous to your health
[13:17] <@idboy> how about, "spidey shoots web"
[13:17] <@Wangch61> viagra flavored popcorn
[13:17] <@idboy> think about it for a second.
[13:17] <@SuGaR> hehehe
[13:18] <@Wangch61> "Dr.Jones home abortion kit: it'll bring the kid outta ya"
[13:18] <@SuGaR> hehehe
[13:22] <@idboy> howbout, "jesus had herps"
[13:23] <@Wangch61> or tumor for allah
[13:24] <@Wangch61> that band would be killed in its frist year

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