The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

Hotel California

So I still vehemently hate L.A.

It seems like a lot longer than a week ago that I was still fighting the jetlag of spending a week in California. The trip was pretty rad. Did a lot of hanging out in LA - had some unbelieveable food at Nickel Diner and saw one of the best live shows I've seeen in a while - Vaude and the Villians (scope their myspace for some live aduo samples).

Went down to the beach, and stopped at a very awesome Hindu temple on the way back.

I caught up with some friends, old and new, and, overall had a pretty great time, despite the smog, traffic, cheap glitz, and styrtafoam people.

As a thank you to friend Nick, who put us up while we were in L.A., A. and I took him to Mozza, where I had some of the most delectible dishes I've had served out of a Batali kitchen, as well as the most expensive Manhattan I've ever purchased (note to self - do not order NY artesinal bourbons in CA). After L.A., it was a cross-state trek to Yosemite, where we saw giant trees, beautiful vistas, and had _anbother_ awesome dinner at the Tenaya Lodge's Ember Room (which I highly reccomend to anyone looking for a place to go to have an awesome meal near Yosemite).

So now, it is back to the whirlwind. I am trying to get a Red Hat cert next week, which is kinda stressing me out, and I am going back to school in September, which is defintiely stressing me out. A. and I have to move, somewhere between here and the end point that is fall, and I have the annual trek to Nowhere, Maine coming up soon.

Still jobhunting in the midst of all this.

Pics here - Yosemite is not up yet, but will be added to the set when it is.

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