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more bands

[13:34] <@shortah> we came up with punk/ska/emo band names
[13:34] <@idboy> i love it
[13:34] <@shortah> what about nu metal
[13:34] <@shortah> something serious and mournful
[13:34] <@shortah> "Disdainful Reckoning"
[13:35] <@shortah> distain
[13:35] <@shortah> ?
[13:35] <@Balr0g> Somber Lullabyes
[13:35] <@idboy> how about "shameful exhortations"
[13:35] <@shortah> Corpsebreath
[13:35] <@shortah> lol
[13:35] <@Wangch61> DOubting voice
[13:35] <@Balr0g> The power of 0
[13:35] <@shortah> barbwire noose
[13:36] <@idboy> "Neitzches Mezzuzah"
[13:36] <@Wangch61> leather roses
[13:36] <@shortah> L O L
[13:36] <@Balr0g> lol
[13:36] <@Balr0g> Aluminum Discord
[13:36] <@Wangch61> angry taint
[13:36] <@shortah> lol
[13:36] <@idboy> Hotdog Filler Sundae
[13:37] <@shortah> Formaldehyde
[13:37] <@shortah> LMAO jy
[13:37] <@Wangch61> Somber swing-set
[13:37] <@shortah> lolol
[13:37] <@Balr0g> Looming Inlaws
[13:37] *** Amergin_ ( has joined channel #mac
[13:37] *** Mode change "+o Amergin_" for channel #mac by ChanServ
[13:37] <@shortah> Sonic Deathmonkey!! oh wait, thats already taken
[13:37] <@Balr0g> Foreboding Fish
[13:37] <@Amergin_> ?
[13:37] <@shortah> Tim: proposed nu metal band names
[13:37] <@shortah> GO
[13:37] <@idboy> Anal Electrocution and The Joy Buzzers
[13:38] <@Wangch61> Common forehead
[13:38] <@shortah> omg, lol
[13:38] <@Balr0g> Tombstone Coffetables
[13:38] <@shortah> Martyr
[13:38] <@Wangch61> inbreeding for hope
[13:38] <@idboy> Angst Fart
[13:38] <@Amergin_> yeah, i got nothing
[13:38] <@Balr0g> nah, they'd have to do a wone word funky
[13:38] <@Balr0g> marTyr
[13:38] <@Balr0g> with the T a big bloody cross
[13:38] <@Amergin_> i have enough trouble remembering my own name at this point
[13:38] <@idboy> or mARTYr
[13:39] <@Wangch61> M-art
[13:39] <@Balr0g> Nyquil Innocense
[13:39] <@shortah> ahah
[13:39] <@idboy> Idiosyncratic Puppydog
[13:39] <@Balr0g> Absinthe Gigilo
[13:39] <@shortah> Hypodermic Death
[13:39] <@Wangch61> digital lobotomy
[13:39] <@shortah> LOL
[13:39] <@shortah> thats awesome G
[13:39] <@Amergin_> you know, the working day is so-much-longer when you dont have cigarette breaks
[13:39] *** SuGaR ( has joined channel #mac
[13:39] *** Mode change "+o SuGaR" for channel #mac by ChanServ
[13:39] <@idboy> yes, it is true.
[13:39] <@Balr0g> Tinfoil Meatball
[13:39] <@idboy> how you holding up?
[13:40] <@shortah> rofl
[13:40] <@idboy> Nicotine Snoballer
[13:40] <@shortah> Syringe Contamination
[13:40] <@Balr0g> tim: you should take them anyway, just not smoke
[13:40] <@Amergin_> thirtynine and a half hours
[13:40] <@Balr0g> ooh
[13:40] <@Amergin_> what, just go stand outside?
[13:40] <@Balr0g> Hypodermic Beach
[13:40] <@Wangch61> moonshine pestilence
[13:40] *** Signoff: Daylaila (Ping timeout)
[13:40] <@shortah> Cilia of Tar
[13:40] <@Balr0g> yeah
[13:40] <@Balr0g> walk around a lil
[13:40] <@Balr0g> i still do
[13:40] <@Amergin_> its fuckin cold out
[13:40] <@Balr0g> yup
[13:40] <@Balr0g> but
[13:40] <@idboy> Plebian Fratricide
[13:40] <@Balr0g> its a good reminder/mantra as to how diymb you were
[13:40] <@Amergin_> good one jy
[13:41] <@idboy> Tanks.
[13:41] <@Wangch61> fallen through the crack pipes
[13:41] <@idboy> Dirt Payload.
[13:41] <@Wangch61> loaded cheq
[13:41] <@Balr0g> Caul Holders
[13:41] <@idboy> Excellent
[13:41] <@Amergin_> eww
[13:42] <@shortah> Eternal Wrath
[13:42] <@shortah> heheh
[13:42] <@shortah> ok ok ok

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