The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

An Odd Week Away

I would start by saying that I would not have taken a vacation this week, had I my druthers.

I mean, I don’t mind a week away from work, but between the hassle of prepping, and the nightmare that will be catching up, with Fashion Week right around the corner, I’m unsure of the total return on investment.

A. had no qualms though, and I guess she deserves the mental R&R as much or more.

Going back to the Adorondacks is odd.  It has been almost a decade for me, and this was a very different trip from my last here.  I think I come back to remind myself of the permanence of memory and the impemanence of reality.   Those who think that time passes without leaving a heavy wake never go back to the places they once frequented to examine the erosion.

Highlights of my trip include meeting and getting to know Horace, the 70something lothario of Speculator NY, who drives a white 1980 Dodge Challenger (hand spray-painted) full of fishing acoutremont, and a decal dashboard header that reads: "Horace is my name, fishin and lovin are my games."

Horace was sort of a lift from "Grumpy Old Men" – a half-mix between the black guy who ran the bait shop, and Burgess Meridith’s character.

I did some fishing, so did A.  We did some canoeing, and I made a lot of fires.  I drank like three cases of Twisted Tea (they have a new flavor called "Backyard Batch" – holyshitgood).  I even did some writing.  Not as much as I would have liked, but more than I would have if I had been home.

Work boiled over twice – once I could do anything about.  The project I have spent weeks working on got cancelled in my absence, and I am curious what that means for the long view.

Mostly, I did a lot of navel-gazing into the stars, the moon, and embers of a fire.  I managed to only piss off/hurt A’s feelings once, which is pretty close to a record for me, I think.

I think two beavers, in one summer, made more lasting impact on the world than I ever did.  I was within 6′ of almost my height in water, held back by twigs and mud.  Absolutely breathtaking – would that all life’s accomplishments were so simple.

For those in the writing game, I highly reccomend Q10, I got more done with it than I have any piece of writing software since Lotus Amipro (back when I was pulling over 10k a week).

Back to reality tomorrow – sofa delivery, dog pickup, and work on Monday,  At least my boss is out for a week when I get back.  Perhaps that will make the return to the grind bearable.

Two weeks until classes start!

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