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Weekend Retrospect

So far, today has sucked.

I forgot my phone, so I don't know when the wake I have to go to tonight and tomorrow is.

I am supposed to meet with a complete moron today about his website. He mailed me a list of inane babblings over the weekend, which make absolutely no sense. Need that worked on.

So yeah, got ahread of myself a little bit. Friday night was a lazy night. I ate leftovers, and Richelle and I watched Monty Python.

No further insight as to the meaning of life.

I also found out on Friday that my brother has returned from Massachusetts. I don't know, still, how to feel about all this. He is also sick. I am worried that he is potentially dealing with an STD. His condition could be stress induced, but I don't know what to believe anymore when it comes to him. A diffiult hand play, with a lot of chips on the table.

Saturday was odd. I woke up at 3am, for no apparent reason. I did not want to get up, but I could not go back to sleep. I eventually did get up around 6 after tossing and turning for hours. I spoke with some old Ozzie freinds on IRC, which is noce, and got the link to those pics of Slowly's kids that I posted already.

I read about a worm on that was supposedly crippling the internet. I was not having any problems, but I noticed work was down.

It apaprently went down at 3something AM.

I made the calls I needed to, made a website for my eq guild Unrivaled Valor.Caught up on some research, checked my spiders, tweaked my quotebook. Around 1pm, I got a call that I had to go into work.

Exasperation. Transportation, Investigation......

My servers were not directly the cause of things, as it turned out (though they were affected).

I'm hoping, if I can work out some comp time, that I can go to Nan's funeral Wednesday. My boss seems open to the idea.

So after getting off work, Richelle, Ed and I went to see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It was a well done film. I have to admit wholeheartedly that it was a lot more than I exptected, especially with George Clooney being the director. There are lots of times I wish Julia Roberts would just dissappear, but she seems to hang in there forever... she was not bad in this movie, but didn't have a big part. I liked her better as Tess in Ocean's 11.

The movie left me somewhat depressed... thinkin gof what one's life accomplishments amount to in the long run... A Beautiful Mind and that Johnny Cash cover had me thinking along those lines already last week... this just solidified that. Throwing in the death of someone close has me dwelling on mortalitly and meaningfulness.

Yesterday involved lounging, although I was up early again. We went to my parent's place for the Super Bowl, despite hectic last minute changes in plans and schedules, everyone seemed to have a good time. We brought Richelle's dog along with us... after a point watching my father's odg and her dog's antics were almost more entertaining than the game. Except for the Ozzbourne commercials, and the one with the monkeys for that Sprite competitor.

I ate too much, and drank too much. I called Kate to make sure she was having a good time, and it did indeed sound like she was. I decided last night that I really need to start driving again. Even if it means taking the bloody test over and everything. Still not sure what to do about my car, but need to start driving for sure.

Sleep came fast and hard last night, but the dreams were not freindly. I also could not wake up, probably as a direct result of drinking too much.

I fear the sentimentality old age supposedly brings with it. If I'm this mopey and retrospective at such a relatively young age, I can't imagine what another 40-50 years will do.

Who knows.

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