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1. Which notorious event occurred in Chicago on 14 February

2. St Valentine's Day is the feast day of how many saints
called "Valentine" - one, two or three?

3. The film star Rudolph Valentino was born in which country?

4. "Valentine" is the middle name of which American author who
wrote "Tropic of Cancer" in 1934 and "Tropic of Capricorn"
in 1939?

5. Who wrote the 1986 play "Shirley Valentine", which became a
film in 1988?

6. For which sport was Alf Valentine famous, especially in

7. Gary Valentine played bass for which American pop group
formed in 1974?

8. Why was 14 February selected as the date for a day on
which lovers courted one another?

9. Michael Valentine is the real name of which Irish singer -
Val Doonican, Van Morrison or Bono?

10. In which Shakespeare play is Valentine the hero who falls
in love with Silvia?

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