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Working on stuff I really don't want to. Stupid Taiwanese hardware.

So I find total irony in the fact that apparently Mt. Sinai is in a huge budget crunch. THey are firing people, cutting back programs, posting signs all over asking us to turn off lights and water...

Yet, somehow, magically, they have the money to create several dozen concrete barriers along the sidewalk on Madison avenue. These are the 3' high variety, meant to stop terrorists intent on driving throught the windows of the front of the hospital to bring the building down.

There are 26 custom ceramic molds for these barries. Some are cylndical, others are square. There were sixteen guys wortking two cement trucks yesterday filling them. I don't knbow how many will be breaking the molds today, but lets palce it at a generously conservative 10 (this is Union labor after all).

Any job involving more than 2 people is going to have a foreman, this job probably has 2... one to supervise the workers, and one to direct traffic and coordinate trucks.

I'd ballpark the whole thing costing somewhere in the neighborhood of 950$ an hour for the crew, plus another 10 grand or so for supplies. They worked full days all week so far on the project. I assume they will take all week. Thats almost 50k spent on a bunch of concrete, to stop the "evil that stalks the city". Or its one person's fucking annual salary, or two people, if they are part time.

Christ this place annooys me.

In other news... Mr Rodgers died. We are off to the crematorium today childre. Can you say crematorium? I thought you could... The funny box they are putting Mr. Rodgers in before he goes in the oven is called a coffin.

There was a debate on wether he will be buried in comfy or nice clothes.

I could care less about the death of the old codger... I really want to hear what is going on in the land of make believe. I bet at this point, the prince has staged a bloody coup, blockaded Mr. Train from supplying reinforcements for the now toppled king.

The forest is in flames! The fores is in flames! Burning puppets EVERYWHERE!

Ok, perhaps that was a little much.

Or perhaps not.

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