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Definitely a day I should have stayed in bed.
My PC at home is malfunctioning seriously. I am unsure as to what the cause, or the cure could be for that matter. It is power cycling endlessly, usually after a spontaneous reboot. I double checked the heat thresholds etc on the mobo as per the bios, and everything seemed in order. I think its probably a blown sensor. I dunno, wither way its money I really don't want to piss away right now.

It smelled like spring today. I still think there is a little cold in store, but usually, once that smell hits, thats the end of things. I will miss the winter. I slipped in some water-covered ice on the way to work today, and seriously fucked up my ankle. At least it wasn't my knees.

Richelle seems distracted; upset lately. I dunno what is up, or if there is anything I can do to help.

My mom's technology woes continue. I am hoping today will be the last of them.

Work is not crazy yet, but I can see the wave about to crest... I counted 6, and 7 is about to swell.

I don't get it. Not at all.

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