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1. Joseph Heller made his name with which anti-war satire in

2. Who wrote the 1890s novel "The War of the Worlds"?

3. Which Russian author wrote the 1860s novel "War and Peace"?

4. Stephen Crane's second novel, published in 1895, was set
during the American Civil War. What was its title?

5. Which poet wrote about the First World War: "My subject is War,
and the pity of War"?

6. What is the English title of the famous 1929 novel about the
First World War written by Erich Maria Remarque?

7. Which science-fiction author wrote "The Martian Chronicles",
about two American families beginning life again after earth
has been destroyed in a nuclear war?

8. Which American author wrote the 1948 novel "The Naked and
the Dead"?

9. Which British writer and feminist wrote "Testament of Youth"
about her experiences as a nurse in the First World War?

10. Which First World War poet wrote "The War is being
deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it"?

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