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double take queez

1. The 41st president of the United States. The 43rd President of
the United States.

2. Viennese musician (1804-49) famous for writing waltzes.
Viennese musician (1825-99) famous for writing waltzes.

3. The Virgin Mary. American singer and actress, born 1958.

4. English colonist in America whose life was supposedly saved by
Pocahontas. Leader of the British Labour Party from 1992 to 1994.

5. Hero of 1749 novel by Henry Fielding. Welsh singer described as
"sweat personified".

6. US film actor who starred in "Destry Rides Again" and
"Shenandoah". The real name of actor Stewart Granger.

7. 19th-century explorer who translated "The Arabian Nights".
Welsh actor who starred in the 1959 film "Look Back in Anger".

8. Film composer who wrote music for "Jaws" and "Star Wars".
Australian guitarist, resident in Britain.

9. A courtier of Elizabeth I who led an expedition in search of
El Dorado. The first professor of English Literature at Oxford

10. Personification or spirit of the sea. A member of the US pop
group The Monkees.

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